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Modern-day home inspection services ensure their clients have the best experience purchasing and selling property. Inspection services work equally well for residential and commercial properties. Apart from walk-in inspections, inspection services also inspect proper documentation and structural condition of the building.

Licensed property inspectors in Houston work with their clients to duly inspect electrical circuits and plumbing fixtures of properties. Our service in Pearland offers a warranty on home inspections as well. In under-warranty inspections, if your builder has given you a structural warranty of a year, our service will inspect your property in the eleventh month to check if there are any structural damages.

What Happens Next?

What happens after the property has been inspected is the question here. The entire analysis that the house inspector collects is delivered or emailed to the client. The repair report sets the premise for all future property costs and repair negotiations.

HTX Home Inspections delivers your report within 24 hours of inspection to expedite property purchase. Modern inspection reports aren’t just data on paper.

Here’s all you need to know about them:

Visual Proof

Home inspection involves your house inspector and your agents. Make sure you hire licensed home inspectors to add to the validity of the report you receive. There are chances the seller might deny your repair claims if your inspector isn’t well-versed in their inspection.

Visuals also work best to locate areas of repair for future reference. Anytime you want to have your property repaired, you will only have to refer to the report.

Tabulated Data

Information about structural systems such as house ventilation and insulation is collected during a house inspection. The report also has details about plumbing fixtures and in-door electrical wiring. Findings of house exteriors make it to the report as well. Tabulated data in house inspection reports make it easier to overview damages, repairs, and leaks different domestic and commercial systems might have.

Reporting makes repair cost estimation extremely convenient. Overviewing property damage and repair has become less time-consuming than it previously was.

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Agent Repair Request Tool

Digital inspection reports along with great visibility offer modification options. The report features a document designing tool that helps expedite the negotiation process. It’s now easier for customer agents to make concession documents and negotiation offers to the seller.

Reports made for home inspection are mobile-friendly. They are easily accessible during damage repair and restoration.

Timely Delivery

It’s always better to deliver the house inspection report to your agent at the earliest so that they can initiate cost negotiation with the seller. The same process needs to be applied for commercial property as well.

Modern inspection reports make sharing inspection data highly convenient. Present-day inspection reports keep track of any documentation the seller disclosed during the agreement.

HTX Home Inspections is a Houston-based residential and commercial site inspections Houston. We offer inspection services for a one-year builder warranty and construction loan site. Our drone roof inspection is for two to three-story properties. To avail our Property inspections and Professional Home Inspection Services League City and Sugarland, contact us at 281-816-7007.

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Air ducts provide a passage for heated and cooled air to move around your house. Like every HVAC system, air ducts need regular maintenance to achieve maximum efficiency. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends that air ducts should be cleaned every 3-5 years.

However, with advanced cleaning methods, the cleaning recommendation extends to 6-8 years. You may consider a more immediate air duct cleaning due to mold buildup and other pollutants causing allergic reactions.

What Air Duct Cleaning Covers

Air duct cleaning is not just limited to aluminum ductwork running through your home. This cleaning also covers various other HVAC components such as:

  • Supply and return air ducts
  • Supply and return registers
  • Condensation drip pans
  • Diffusers
  • Grills
  • Cooling and heating coils
  • Fan housing
  • Fan motor
  • Air handling unit housing

The cleaning technician will first inspect your HVAC system for dust and grime buildup. They will use handheld scrubbers, brushes, access tools, a rotary brush, and a negative vacuum system to collect and remove the debris.

Air Duct Cleaning is Necessary

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air tends to be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air. These impurities re-circulate throughout your house via air ducts and can pose a health hazard.

Your air ducts may require frequent cleaning and maintenance under the following circumstances.

Illness and Infestation

Prolonged colds, sinus infections, and other respiratory problems indicate the need for better Indoor Air Quality. Those who have frequent allergic reactions and asthma may benefit from a frequent air duct cleaning.

Since rodents and insects often make air ducts their home, you will need air duct cleaning to prevent the spread of disease from these vermin.

Renovation Projects or Change of Residence

Home renovation and remodeling create large amounts of dirt, dust, and debris. Since unsealed ducts are prone to contamination, schedule a ductwork inspection after a renovation project.

Moreover, air duct cleaning must be done before moving into a new home – especially if the previous homeowner was a smoker, had a pet, or didn’t have their ducts cleaned within the last three years.

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Get in touch with the Licensed Professional Home Inspector at HTX Home Inspections to ensure a detailed home inspection. Click here to book your Real estate home inspections Houston and Home inspection Pearland to schedule cleaning services at the earliest.


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HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems help regulate your home’s internal temperature. There are several types of HVAC systems to choose from. The right type of HVAC system can help you save on bills.

Your home’s area, layout, and insulation can help you determine the most suitable system. Let’s look at the most common types of HVAC systems you can install in your residence.

1. Split Systems

Split systems are perhaps the most common HVAC systems all over the States. It involves using an evaporator coil that removes heat and moisture to help you regulate your home’s temperature. The indoor part of the system is linked to several ducts connected to all parts of your home. A split system works best when set up with your home’s central furnace.

2. Heat Pump Systems

Heat pump systems can help you save energy. Heat pumps release the hot air from inside your house during the summer. While in winter, the system pulls in the hot air from the outdoors inside your home to keep you warm and cozy. Heat pumps work best in milder climates.

3. Packaged Systems

Packaged air conditioning and heat systems combine evaporators, condensers, and compressors in a single unit. This system can fulfill the cooling and heating needs of your home. The compact size of a packaged system also makes it ideal for small spaces and is very easy to maintain.

4. Mini-Split Systems

Ductless or mini-split systems are perfect for your house if it doesn’t have ductwork as they don’t require opening up walls for installations. Ductless systems might cost a lot more than ducted systems for the same amount of power consumed, but at the same time, they offer more efficiency as they prevent power loss tied to the ductwork.

Commercial air conditioning system

Reliable HVAC Systems Inspection Services in Houston

If you require HVAC systems inspection services in your home, look no further. HTX Home Inspections is a certified inspection company based in Houston, TX. Our home inspectors provide various services, including pre-listing inspections, commercial inspection Houston, and residential inspection services Houston. They can inspect all your HVAC equipment, vents, ducts, and flues in an efficient manner.

We serve our customers with complete integrity. Our Certified home inspector at HTX Home Inspectors thoroughly inspect every corner of your home. We also offer an eleven-month warranty on our inspection services.

Contact us now for more information.

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The roof is the most important part of your house in terms of the protection and general health of you and your loved ones. The roof is responsible for keeping you safe against natural disasters and provides you comfort in all kinds of climates and weather conditions. The amount of effort it puts in to keep you safe and protected—it’s imperative that you provide it the attention it needs and get it checked by residential inspection services after regular intervals.

Roof Inspection—why is it good?

The roof is the sturdiest part of your house. It resists natural wear and tear and proves to be a long-term investment for homeowners. But the health of a house roof can deteriorate quicker than it’s supposed to if it isn’t maintained and regularly checked for defects. Identifying these defects early can save homeowners considerable money in future repairs.

The roof can sustain damage due to rainfall or the accumulation of debris and water on its surfaces. This can allow water to seep in and weaken the shillings of the roof—which in turn can be dangerous and costly.

These damages are often invisible to the eye and require the keen eye of a certified home inspector to point out for instant repairs before it incurs further damages.

Modern Roof Inspection

The technological advancement in the world has made its way to home inspection services. Places that were difficult to reach for traditional home inspectors are now easily accessible using technology. Identifying bad wiring or insulation has become significantly easier with thermal imaging.

One of these technologies includes using drone cameras to identify the roof’s status and inspect it thoroughly.

Drone Roof Inspection

Traditionally, the home inspectors were required to climb the roof and hang from the side to get a thorough picture of the place—which was a hazardous thing to do, took time, and didn’t work in full effectiveness.

Benefits of Drone Roof Inspection

More in-depth Data

Drone cameras can provide images of the roof while also taking pictures of the surrounding and looking for leaks in security. This can help inspectors have a closer look into what’s missing and what kind of repairs are required.

Risk-Free Inspection

With drone roof inspection, you wouldn’t have to worry about the safety of the inspectors since they’ll be performing their work from the ground without the need to climb high roofs.

Save Money

With a thorough report from drone roof inspection—you can catch up on the repairs before they become a menace and save hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of repair.

Quicker Turnaround

Since the process will be done through technology—the inspectors will be out of your hair in no time. This means they finish their work quicker, make a report quicker, and you can handle appropriate repairs—quicker!

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Get Real Estate Inspections in Houston

HTX Home inspections leverages experience and technology to offer residential inspection services Houston. We have Licensed Professional Home Inspector in our team that can provide top-tier services of property inspections, pre-listing inspection, construction site inspection, and various others.

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There are numerous reasons why you may want to sell your house and move to another housing area. Whether it’s an urgent sale or a well-considered decision—it’s almost customary for you to seek an offer on the property that has better value than when you moved in. There are several alterations that you may have made to get a better value on resale. Now it’s time to acquire a real estate inspection service for a pre-listing home inspection.

Pre-Listing Home Inspection—what is it?

Simply put, a pre-listing inspection is when a home inspector comes in for a thorough assessment of your property’s condition before you list it for sale. The information received from professionals can help a homeowner resolve numerous issues before a potential buyer points them out.

The physical components that a home inspector covers in their report include temperature maintenance systems, heat insulation, gutters and downspouts, leakage and foundation cracks, and other property damage issues. Getting an insight beforehand will give you control over repairs—rendering your house in condition optimum for high estimates in the market.

A home inspection takes about 2–4 hours to complete—and it enables you to streamline your selling process and avoid mishaps during the final deal.

How does it Help?

You must be wondering how a pre-listing home inspection, which has all the benefits for buyers, can help you as a seller. A home inspection isn’t necessary for home selling, but the following reasons will reveal its many benefits and make you schedule a residential inspection right away:

Understand Your House Condition

A lush home exterior and a flashy interior are all amazing additions to your home’s appeal—but a property’s durability often depends on factors that are invisible to the eye. A home inspector uses modern technology to find weak spots in your property that may decrease your home value.

Advance Repairs

You don’t want to get in a situation where the buyer finds out about the defects in your property and asks for repairs in the eleventh hour—or worse, cuts it from the house price. With complete insight, you can make repairs beforehand and present your property in the best condition.

Set a Better Value

Following an inspection, you get a report about what your property is like, which helps determine its worth. With evidence of physical perfection in the document, you can avoid drawn-out negotiations and set the best price for your house.

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Contact a Certified Home Inspector in Houston

HTX Home inspections offers Home Inspection Services Katy, Home Inspection Services Pearland, Houston Home Inspection , We’re a team of home inspectors experienced in providing top-notch services of residential home inspections, pre-listing inspection, construction site inspection, and others.

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The roofing industry is an ever-growing market in the United States—with the market seeing another 3.76 percent increase in 2021 and reaching a market value of 51 billion US dollars. Roofing is one of the most in-demand forms of renovation for homeowners across the USA—out of the 75 million single-family homes in the USA, over 5 million new roofs are installed each year. This may tell you how important the roof is for quality living and attracting potential buyers. So if you’re wondering if your roof is in top shape, get a professional to provide residential inspection services Houston for your property.

The Importance of Your Roof

There’s no doubt that the roof is the most important part of your house. It’s constantly exposed to the elements and protects your interiors throughout the year and changing seasons.

While roofs may look sturdy and tough—they need your attention as well. Without proper maintenance, roofs may deteriorate quicker than their estimated lifespan. If damaged, they’ll require you to break the bank and call in experts to fix them.

This is why we’re here to make sure it doesn’t get to that dreaded point where you have to lose money. So what are the ways that you can maintain your roof for a long, trouble-free lifespan?

Tips for Roof Maintenance

Clean the Debris

The leaves and dirt on your roof cause more damage than you can contemplate. The leaves can soak up water and join together. If these leaves aren’t removed, they can trap moisture, letting it into the shingles and causing them to rot. This can lead to a weakened structure and leakages.

Trim the Branches

Trees are an amazing addition to the house exterior, but you need to ensure that there are no overhanging branches on the roof. These branches contain moisture that can constantly drip on your roof—causing the shingles to soften up and even catch mold.

Remove Moss

Moss is a form of algae that is visible as long black streaks. These can eat away the strength of your roof like a pest. Make sure you clean moss with pressure washing as soon as you spot it.

Clean the Gutters

A clogged gutter can cause water to accumulate on the roof, which can lead to leakage. Make sure you clean the gutters and downspouts regularly for clear water drainage.

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Schedule Frequent Home Inspection Service in Houston

Lastly—and most importantly, get a certified home inspector to come in and assess the roof of your place. Frequent inspections mean that you’re not letting any harmful elements get between your roof and a long, healthy lifespan.

At HTX Home inspections, we offer home inspection service in Houston. Our Licensed Professional Home Inspector provide top-tier residential home inspections, pre-listing inspections, construction site inspections, and more.

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Commercial real estate is considered one of the safest and the most lucrative investments in the United States of America.  It attracts investors for its growth potential, stable income, and consistent return on investment. The revenue generated from commercial real estate investment in the United States is estimated to be 1 trillion US dollars in 2021. The experts predict a boom in commercial real estate by 2023—so if you’re looking to invest in CRE, now may be the best time to schedule a real estate inspection and give shape to your investors’ portfolio.

While commercial real estate investment allows you to diversify your portfolio and grow your business endeavors with consistent profits, it’s important to understand that not all CRE investments are the same. You need to make robust preparations before investing—while knowing how, what, and when to invest in CRE to ensure future success.

Below, we’ve lined up some of the things that must always be considered before investing in commercial real estate.

Things to Consider Before CRE Investment

Patience is Key

As with any other industry—commercial real estate investment takes time and requires patience from the investors. If you’re stepping into the commercial real estate market, you should know that you’re in it for the long run.

The due diligence is long, renovations are lengthy, and the clients take their time—but the leases and the profit margins are also long. So, be patient.

Know the Different Kinds

Commercial real estate has a variety of assets that differ from one another in both performance and profits. You can invest in five main sectors: office, industrial, multi-family, retail, and special purpose.

You need to know how one differs from the other in performance and which investment would suit your portfolio and provide your desired stream of revenue.

Read the Market Trends

Real estate market value heavily depends on time and condition. The real estate value plunged during the pandemic and often sees a boost in the holiday season every year. Read and understand the market trends before putting your money in real estate.

Assess the Property Condition

This is probably the most important step to consider before investing in real estate—to see if the property is in optimum condition. This can initially be assessed by self-surveying the property and looking for drawbacks in interior amenities.

Several factors are invisible to the naked eye, like foundation cracks, bad insulation, improper wiring, and so much more. This is where you need commercial inspection services.

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Schedule a Real Estate Inspection by Certified Home Inspectors

The right inspector can assess your new property and construct a complete report for essential renovations, current functioning, and property durability—helping reassure you about your investment.

HTX Home inspections offers Home Inspection Services Pearland. We have Licensed Professional Home Inspector in our team who can leverage their experience and modern equipment to provide you with top-tier Real Estate Inspections Houston.

Contact us to learn more about our services.

Growth in property value

Every home buyer should take the required set of precautions before making any investment. Every aspect of the property needs to be inspected by a certified home inspector to avoid buying a house with serious repair needs. A home inspection can allow a buyer to sign the deal on a house with satisfaction and make the transaction easier. Here are a few reasons every real estate agent and home buyer should get a home inspected before making the purchase.

1. Insurance Needs

Insurance companies have certain restrictions in place regarding a home’s repair needs. If certain standards aren’t met, insurance can deny a homeowner of home insurance. Real estate home inspections Houston can save buyers and agents from purchasing a home that might not be qualified for insurance.

2. An Advice on the Investment

A home inspection company in Houston can offer valuable insight into the property’s value, age, and repair needs. This can help guide the decision of an investor better and help them make the right choice.

3. Find the “Deal-breakers”

Every buyer has a list of deal-breaking features that they look for before finalizing an investment deal. With the help of a home inspection, these flaws and shortcomings in property become easy to identify.

4. Estimation of Future Costs

A property buyer likes to know the future costs needed to be expended on a property ahead of purchase. The property’s price is not only the sale price, but it also includes the immediate expenditures that come after making the purchase. A certified home inspector can help analyze the condition of a property and guide you about the depreciation costs.

A successful real estate deal

5. Helps with Negotiation

Once you know what needs a house has, in terms of repair costs, you will be able to negotiate better on the property’s price. A buyer can acquire a property at a much lower price by mentioning the numerous repair expenditure the property requires.

6. Safety

Whether you are a real estate agent buying the home for your clients, or an investor searching for a new home, safety should always top the list of your priorities. HTX Home Inspections’  real estate inspection can help every client find safety loopholes inside a house and make the choice of property easier.


: A commercial operation

Commercial site inspections are essential to finding any loopholes within any system in the building. These inspections can save a company from the high costs that come with workplace accidents and operative malfunctions. A Certified home inspector can help any business conduct a thorough cost and benefit analysis of the site. Here are the four major aspects covered by commercial site inspections Houston.

1. The Three Systems

Every building has three systems that have to be optimally operational at all times. Additionally, the system of fire safety will also be checked with the inspection of the following mechanisms. This is done to adhere to the employee safety regulations inside the building.

a) Electrical System

The power distribution system of a commercial site is of crucial importance. The utility closet is usually where the electrical panel is located. A commercial site inspections Houston checks all the sockets, wiring, and circuit breakers to make sure a steady power supply can be maintained on the site.


The building’s heating, cooling, and ventilation systems can impact the energy consumption at a commercial location. High levels of CO2 can pose health dangers to the workers on location. This is why HVAC inspection of every commercial site is necessary to avoid fines and warnings from the State Board of Health.

c) Plumbing

Plumbing covers a variety of systems within a building. From the toilets to the drainage systems to the supply of potable and hot water, everything is covered under the plumbing inspection of the building. The plumbing mechanism is inspected to make sure no leakage or drainage damage can be done to the building and its structures.

 Trucks parked outside a factory

2. The Exterior

The exterior inspection of a building includes the analysis of:

  • The parking space
  • External Walls
  • Entrance and Exits
  • Landscaping
  • Roof Structure

The inspection of a commercial building’s exterior is done to determine the structural health of the building, along with any repairs needs. The building has to adhere to all building codes of the area and must be maintained regularly.

3. The Interior

The internal part of the building also has to follow certain local building codes to avoid various health and safety risks. All rooms within the building will be inspected, including the bathrooms, kitchens, and multiple workstations. Any issues with the interior walls and floors that might induce workplace accidents are highlighted during such inspections.

4. The Documentation

A certified commercial site inspector inspects all certificates, building plans, appraisals, permits, and various other documents. With the help of this analysis, the inspector can beware the owner of many hidden costs and expenditures associated with the ownership of the building. A property condition report (PCR) provided by HTX Home Inspections can help any business owner gain a comprehensive insight into the true cost of operating in a commercial facility.

A realtor

A real estate agent has to be aware of every positive aspect of a home to make a successful sale. Certain flaws in a house are apparent and can be repaired easily. However, many issues can be hard to notice for many real estate agents. These issues can be better identified with the help of a certified home inspector. Here are some problems that might go ignored by a home buyer or their realtor.

1. Wall and Floor Scratches

Scratches can be hard to identify and likely to occur during the construction of a new house. If noticed by an interested buyer, these minute flaws can take the negotiating power away from a realtor. Take the help of a Home inspector in Houston and find these problems before listing a house on the market.

2. Window Issues

Due to certain structural faults in the windows and window panes, moisture and condensation can accumulate on the interior windows. Improper installation can also cause drafting and venting issues inside a home and cost heavily for home repairs. These minute details can only be noticed by a Houston home inspection expert.

3. Dust in the Air Ducts

The air ducts and the HVAC of a house need to be cleaned for any debris accumulated during the construction process. If left unnoticed, this dust can damage the HVAC system of the home and be problematic for the homeowner. If the floor registers are installed with gaps, sawdust can settle in these spaces. All of these issues have to be resolved before inviting buyers for a property visit.

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4. Water accumulation in the Kitchen

Water can build up around the areas of the kitchen, especially under the sink. This can happen due to leakage in the sink rim or the wastewater drainage system. The source of such leaking can also be traced back to improperly fitted pipes. Real estate agents must make sure the kitchen is in a completely operative condition, and there are no leakage or drainage issues before the sale.

5. Water Stains

Water stains can be hard to notice at times and may result in the discoloration of walls inside the house. These stains can often lead to mold growth and devalue the property.

6. Dysfunctional Doors

When doors inside a newly constructed property are left unpainted, they can absorb moisture at a higher rate. This can cause a door to stick to the door frame due to high humidity levels inside a house. The crawls spaces, attic, and other outlets need to be checked by a certified home inspector to analyze these faults in a home’s doors.

7. Water accumulation in the Basement

An expert home inspector at HTX Home Inspections can analyze the basement and crawl spaces for any early sign of water intrusion or penetration and save a realtor from signing a deal on a house that might come with many irretrievable costs.