7 Issues in Property That Often Go Unnoticed by Real Estate Agents

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A real estate agent has to be aware of every positive aspect of a home to make a successful sale. Certain flaws in a house are apparent and can be repaired easily. However, many issues can be hard to notice for many real estate agents. These issues can be better identified with the help of a certified home inspector. Here are some problems that might go ignored by a home buyer or their realtor.

1. Wall and Floor Scratches

Scratches can be hard to identify and likely to occur during the construction of a new house. If noticed by an interested buyer, these minute flaws can take the negotiating power away from a realtor. Take the help of a Home inspector in Houston and find these problems before listing a house on the market.

2. Window Issues

Due to certain structural faults in the windows and window panes, moisture and condensation can accumulate on the interior windows. Improper installation can also cause drafting and venting issues inside a home and cost heavily for home repairs. These minute details can only be noticed by a Houston home inspection expert.

3. Dust in the Air Ducts

The air ducts and the HVAC of a house need to be cleaned for any debris accumulated during the construction process. If left unnoticed, this dust can damage the HVAC system of the home and be problematic for the homeowner. If the floor registers are installed with gaps, sawdust can settle in these spaces. All of these issues have to be resolved before inviting buyers for a property visit.

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4. Water accumulation in the Kitchen

Water can build up around the areas of the kitchen, especially under the sink. This can happen due to leakage in the sink rim or the wastewater drainage system. The source of such leaking can also be traced back to improperly fitted pipes. Real estate agents must make sure the kitchen is in a completely operative condition, and there are no leakage or drainage issues before the sale.

5. Water Stains

Water stains can be hard to notice at times and may result in the discoloration of walls inside the house. These stains can often lead to mold growth and devalue the property.

6. Dysfunctional Doors

When doors inside a newly constructed property are left unpainted, they can absorb moisture at a higher rate. This can cause a door to stick to the door frame due to high humidity levels inside a house. The crawls spaces, attic, and other outlets need to be checked by a certified home inspector to analyze these faults in a home’s doors.

7. Water accumulation in the Basement

An expert home inspector at HTX Home Inspections can analyze the basement and crawl spaces for any early sign of water intrusion or penetration and save a realtor from signing a deal on a house that might come with many irretrievable costs.