Standard Services

Residential Home Inspections

As your inspector, an HTX inspection is completely comprehensive. We encourage you as a buyer to request a home inspection of the home you are deciding to buy. Knowing the condition of the home will allow you to make a good sound decision. Or if you are listing your home on the market and would like to have its condition assessed beforehand, HTX Home Inspections is here to help. Our pre-listing home inspections include the same services as our buyer’s home inspections.

Pre-listing Inspection

Pre-listing inspections can be a great way to find the problems before the home is put on the market to sell. As a seller you can never know too much about what’s going on with your home and a pre-listing inspection will help identify the problems and give you the option to repair or negotiate those repairs with the potential buyers. The pre-list inspection will make the selling process much easier on the seller and the potential buyers.

Drone Roof Inspection

The three top reasons for using a drone for roof inspections are; it’s safer, it is more efficient and it gives the inspector a view into areas that are inaccessible from walking a roof. HTX will utilize a drone when inspecting all roofs that are two-stories or more, roofs that are too steep to walk and roofs that are covered with products that can be easily damaged when walked on.

FAA Small UAS Pilot- License# FA3LRLXNK4

Construction Loan Site Inspections

Commercial real estate is a huge investment for banking institutions. It’s a best practice to get a site inspection on a commercial property if a potential business owner has been approved for a loan. By hiring an inspector to visit the building site and verifying that the materials and progress meet the financial request will ensure all parties involved are in agreement with the current status of the project.

11th month warranty Inspection

Home builders will offer a 12-month “bumper to bumper” warranty on your new home. As your home settles and major components and appliances are being used problems can occur. HTX offers a full home or major components inspection on the 11th month of your home ownership before your builder warranty expires.

Thermal Imaging

Infrared thermal imaging allows us the ability to find major issues like moisture penetration, missing insulation in walls and ceilings, extreme heat from electrical devices or wiring, and HVAC issues. With every inspection we include a thermal image scan of 3 areas; the shower pan(s) to check for active leaks, breaker box to look for any overheating wires and the HVAC cabinet to check for any air leakage. Full home thermal imaging is available by request for an additional charge.

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