Home Inspection Services In League City

At HTX Home Inspections, we understand that while the reasons for property inspections may be varied — buying, selling, or general maintenance — the one thing that stays the same is the need for a reliable, trustworthy home inspector.

After all, choosing the right home inspector in League City will make the difference in assisting you with the home buying process and giving you a piece of mind that you are making the right decision in the purchase of your new home.

From the initial phone call,  to answering questions you may have about the home inspection process, to conducting the inspection and discussing the report with you, we’re here for you at every step of your home inspection in League City.

Professional Home Inspection Services in League City

The importance of having your home inspected by a trained professional cannot be overstated.

Hiring a licensed home inspector in League City can help you identify issues with the home prior to your purchase and help you sort out what needs immediate attention and what can be taken care of at a later date if you choose to.

If you’re about to buy a home, we strongly urge you to seek a residential inspection service in League City, and ensure that one of the largest expenses in your lifetime will be functioning properly and providing the comfort you expect with a purchase of this magnitude.

If you’re selling your house, a residential inspection in League City can identify what you need to improve the profitability of the sell and also show a potential buyer that you are taking the initiative to identify and correct any issues before the home is put on the market to sell.

Our special 11th Month Warranty Inspection’ is ideal for people in their first year of owning a brand-new home.

Homebuilders offer a 12-month warranty on new homes, but it’s only when things are regularly used that problems can be identified. Before your builder’s warranty expires, take advantage of our 11th month home inspection service to identify any deficiencies that can be claimed under warranty.

As part of our 11th Month Warranty Inspection service, you may either opt for a full home inspection or a major components inspection.

We also offer basic thermal imaging with every home inspection. This consist of scanning shower pans for potential leakage, breaker panels for hot spots or temperature anomalies and the HVAC cabinet to check for any escaping air. Thermal imaging helps us identify issues, such as moisture penetration, missing insulation, extreme heat from electrical wiring, and HVAC problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Commercial Loan Site Inspection Services in League City

For financial lenders in League City and surrounding areas, having a professional licensed inspector perform a draw inspection to ensure that the funding requested to buy materials is actually being used properly is a best practice.

Our construction loan site inspections help reassure business owners, as well as financial institutions, that the financial requirements of a project are in line with its current status.

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