8 Most Common Problems with New Homes

A newly constructed home

Most homebuyers choose to buy newly constructed homes for many personal reasons. Some need the home to have a modern design, some have specific structural requirements, and some just want to avoid costs that come with old buildings. No matter your reason, you need to understand that new homes don’t always come with minimal repair needs. There are many flaws and faults in a newly constructed building that can be detected early with the help of a timely home inspection. Below mentioned are a few of these problems.

1. The Grading and Drainage

The grading in a newly constructed house settles over time. When it settles unevenly, it can give rise to many problems in the future. Improper drainage or grading can cause water build-up around the foundation in winters and cause cracking.

2. Shrinkage Cracks

If the concrete is not mixed well with the proportionate amount of water, it can cause the surface to crack later. These cracks can give water a pathway to seep into the home’s foundation and cause gaps and sags in the floors. A certified home inspector can help with the early identification of any such cracks so they can be filled to avoid further damage.

3. Wood Flooring Issues

When wood flooring is installed on a quick schedule, it can cause the wood to expand or contract with changing humidity levels. A Home Inspection Service in Houston can help analyze these faults early and save thousands in repair costs.

Paintbrush and paint can

4. Incomplete Painting

The paint job inside a newly built home often has some gaps or flaws. Areas like the basement and utility closets are often painted improperly. A Real Estate inspection can help the buyer find these gaps early and calculate the actual cost of the house better.

5. Plumbing Problems

New homes often have problems related to plumbing which can result in the mixing or reversal of hot and cold water. These issues arise when the plumbing for the house has not been done by professionals.

6. Door Gaps

When installed by inexperienced carpenters, doors can often have gaps and other flaws that can be costly to repair. Faulty doors can often have difficulty closing and can ruin the external beauty of a home. Make sure the wood or metal used for the doors in the house is high-grade so these problems can be minimized.

7. Appliance Installation

As appliance installation is the last job a builder does when constructing a house, it is often overlooked. Ensure that garbage disposal, dishwashers, and other appliances are installed efficiently to avoid accidents and costly maintenance after moving.

8. HVAC System

The heating and cooling system inside the home should be thoroughly inspected before purchasing the property. The HVAC system can be expensive to repair, and HTX Home Inspections can help identify any issues within this system early with Real estate home inspections in Houston.