House Edit: Why You Need a Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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Carbon monoxide (CO) is a harmful toxic gas. About 430 people die every year due to CO poisoning in the US, and 50,000 visit the emergency due to accidental exposure. The poisoning causes flu-like symptoms at the beginning, which get worse with time. CO alarms can detect the presence of the toxic gas and warn you before any major damage is done. Here are all the reasons that will totally convince you to install a carbon monoxide alarm in your house.

CO is Colorless, Odorless, and Tasteless

As the gas doesn’t have any color, odor, or taste, it’s impossible to detect a gas leak and to know if you’ve been exposed. This makes having CO alarms necessary as there’s no other indication of a CO leak.

CO Poisoning can be Fatal

CO poisoning can be life-threatening. Anything above the concentration level of 170 ppm can cause unconsciousness and even death. This is because when inhaled, CO combines with hemoglobin, which is responsible for carrying oxygen to the body.

As CO has 210 times greater affinity for hemoglobin than oxygen, it makes it almost impossible for oxygen to be transferred to the body.

Early Indication Can Save Life

Although the exposure can be fatal, the right medical help at the right time can save your life. CO alarms can alert you early on saving you from any possible damage.

Your Heating Systems Can Cause a Carbon Monoxide Leak

As winters start and temperatures fall, the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning increases as your heating systems are running for hours. We can’t stop using the heating system, but we can manage the risk by installing CO detectors and regularly servicing our systems.

Increase in CO Cases in the States

There’s been a surge of CO cases in Taxes this year due to the winter storm that hit in February 2021. Falling temperatures and persistent power outages caused people to resort to dangerous sources for heat and warmth.

With the right measures in place, any such incident could have been avoided. It’s, therefore, necessary to always be prepared. Carbon Monoxide detectors can help you prevent any such incident in the future.

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Making Your Homes Fully Secure

Your home is your santuary. You make sure your home is secure in every way so that your kids are protected. But are they really, especially when your own heating systems can pose a threat? You can’t eliminate the hazard completely, but you can surely manage the risk.

The growing CO leakage cases have made CO alarms a complete necessity. It’s crucial for every homeowner to ensure that their home is safe and secure to live in and have all the necessary safety measures in place. If you’re looking to get your house inspected for safety reasons, contact HTX Home Inspections. We provide real estate inspection, property inspections, and residential inspection services Houston, Texas. For more details, visit our website.