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At HTX Home Inspections, we take pride in exceptional customer service in Alvin and surrounding areas, we also strive to provide a level of service second to none.

To us, making you the priority isn’t just about performing the best home  inspection possible it’s also showing a level of professionalism and caring about your needs before and after the inspection is complete.

It’s also about keeping you in the loop and making sure you’re happy about every aspect of our work.

If you’ve got questions, need information, have concerns about scheduling an inspection, or aren’t sure what to make of your inspection report, we’re here to help you with every part of the process.

Choose our real estate home inspection  services in Alvin with confidence.

Professional Home Inspection Service in Alvin

Whether you’re about to sell or buy a house, or you’ve owned a house for years, the importance of a home inspection in Alvin cannot be stressed enough.

Even if you’ve found the home of your dreams, call for a residential home inspection in Alvin before buying. This will help you make sure there aren’t any hidden repairs that need attention  and give you a roadmap to the status of the home you are buying.

With our pre-listing inspection services, sellers can get ahead of potential expenses and take care of any issues themselves, before these problems end up affecting the value of their home.

A yearly inspection is highly recommended, particularly if you have an older house. Our licensed inspectors can help bring you peace of mind by verifying that your home is in good condition.

Our drone roof inspection service — applicable for roofs that are steep, two-stories or more, or covered with delicate roofing materials — is a highly effective way of gauging the health of your roof.

Commercial Loan Site Inspection Services in Alvin

We offer commercial loan site inspections in Alvin for potential business owners that have qualified for a construction loan.

Our licensed inspectors in Alvin inspect the building site and verify that the loan amount is justified by the construction progress, materials, and other costs.

The commercial loan site inspections in Alvin by HTX Home Inspections can help reassure all concerned parties that your business is a sound investment, and the loan amount will be well-utilized.

Whether you need residential inspection services in Alvin or commercial loan site inspections in Alvin, count on our inspection company in Alvin for a job well done.

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