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Humidity is a challenging issue in homes, which can lead to even more complicated issues down the road. Whether your humidity levels are far too high or significantly low, they can make your living conditions less than ideal and even negatively impact your property. This effect in turn will reduce your property’s value and possible resale offers.

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With the increase in post-pandemic existing home sales, the demand for home inspection services is on the rise. What this increase in demand means is that homeowners will turn to professionals for these services. This is why it’s crucial to understand who to go to and what services to opt for.

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Homeownership is a big commitment and comes with many responsibilities. To get the most on your investment, it is important to upkeep and inspect your home regularly.

We know home maintenance and inspection can feel like a tedious chore. But it must be done to ensure your property’s longevity. Here is our checklist to help you with this daunting task and keep your home in outstanding condition all year round.

Inspect the exterior

The exterior of your house is what people see when they first arrive or walk by your house. Keeping it in mint condition will increase its value and make your home appear inviting. When selling your house, you won’t have to spend large sums of money to have it fixed and increase your property value.


The paint of your house is an integral part of its appearance. Walk around your home and repaint chipped areas and inspect for any leaks on the outside of your house.

Driveway and curb

Inspect your driveway and paths for any broken or loose concrete. Make sure all your plantation is a few inches away from any slabs. Plants and trees can grow strong roots that might disrupt the look of your driveway. Curbs add to the look of your house. Install some lights around your curb and regularly inspect it for any damages or cracks that might need filling and repairs.


The roof of your house ensures insulation and a healthy indoor climate. A damaged roof will lead to poor insulation and high energy costs. Scan your roof after any storms or rain to avoid any problems later.

And the interior

Inspecting the interior of your home ensures healthy living for you and your family.

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Basement and attic

The basement and attic usually go unnoticed but scanning these for any pests, infestations, and leaks is vital before the problem spreads to other areas of your home.

Kitchen and bathroom

Your kitchen and bathrooms include many drains and appliances such as water heaters and chimneys that should be regularly inspected and cleaned to avoid accidents and overflows.


You might not be an expert when it comes to electrical wiring, and it’s best you don’t go messing around with them. However, you can scan your electrical wiring from a safe distance to look out for electrical issues.

Professional home inspection

Home inspections are vital when buying or selling a house. They are also crucial to ensure no annoying problems go unnoticed for long. However, when it comes to home inspections, there’s only so much your untrained eyes can detect. A skilled professional can detect and link any home problems that you might miss during your reviews. They are trained and have years of experience to properly scan all the areas in your home for any underlying issues. If you’re looking to get a residential inspection in Houston, we got you covered.

At HTX Home inspection, we offer Home Inspection Services Pearland for the entirety of your home, including a drone roof inspection for maximum security against any costly repairs and damages. With over 20 years in the industry, we make sure to inspect and assess the condition of your home thoroughly.

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Home inspections are a vital part of home maintenance. They allow you to assess and keep up with any damages and repairs your house might need. Home inspections include the interior and exterior of your home; the wiring, plumbing, foundation, and roof need to be inspected regularly. Yes, even your roof; here’s why:

Roof inspection: why is it necessary?

Regular roof inspections will keep you up to date with any damages, rotting, or holes in your roof. Furthermore, they add to the curb appeal of your home and the value of your real estate. The state of your roof can make or break your property’s value. If your roof has been damaged by a storm or needs to be repaired, roof inspections will help you assess the damage and estimate repair costs. You can then use this data for insurance claims too.

Going up on your roof with a ladder can be dangerous, especially if you have a steep roof. This is why we have professionals handle this task with drones.

Benefits of drone roof inspection

Drones are remotely controlled and monitored by a pilot to assess the condition of your roof properly. There are many benefits to using a drone for your roof inspections.


Using drones for roof inspections is safer and doesn’t require technicians climbing on top of the roof to scan the area, reducing any danger to human life.

Faster and more efficient

They are faster, stable, and home inspectors can do their job quicker than ever before. They allow you to inspect every nook and cranny of your roof, making the inspection much more efficient. Moreover, unlike traditional roof inspection methods, drones allow inspectors to create detailed reports, assess any damages, and view all the footage later.

Reduce staffing and costs

Some roofs may be too high or inaccessible by people; this is where drones shine. You can be on the ground watching and monitoring its activity while it does the heavy lifting for you. No longer needing to climb up there, drones for roof inspection have reduced manpower along with the need for extra equipment such as ladder and ropes, saving you a lot of money.

An inspector monitoring the drone through a remote controller

What can drones help you find during an inspection?

Using drones to carry out a roof inspection will allow you and your home inspector to detect any water leaks, especially if it’s in a confined area and is too small to cause any damage yet. Drones can be modified with thermal sensors to indicate changes in temperatures on your roof resulting from water leaks or pooling. Poor insulation due to cracks can cause leaking, inefficiencies, and increasing utility costs. Drones allow professional home inspectors to detect all your roofing issues before they spiral out of control.

Do you want a drone roof inspection for your house in Houston? Get in touch with us!

We are a Licensed Professional Home Inspector in Houston. At HTX Home Inspection, we offer quality services at affordable prices, so your home remains in mint condition inside and out.


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