Worst Case Scenarios: The 5 Most Undesirable Findings of a Home Inspection

A beautiful home from the outside.

Here are some of the nastiest and worst findings you can learn about from a home inspection report:

When you’ve been living in a property for quite some period, you are much more aware of the potential pitfalls and shortcomings of the house than when you first moved in. However, even this judgment doesn’t give you a clear picture.

A skilled home inspector conducts a thorough review of the most integral components of the house to reveal any minor or major issues associated with it. Most people have this procedure waived as they don’t realize how things can go wrong.

Around 86% of buyers who opted for a home inspection identified at least one problem. Here are some of the most undesirable findings of a home inspection:

Structural Issues

One of the essential pillars of a home, its structural integrity, is the defining feature of a property. Not only does it hold the house up high, but it determines the foundation and value of your home. A common finding in a home inspection report reveals problems with the structure of the property. These problems could be associated with the roof, that is, cracks or leakages in the roof or chimney, which can cause water to enter the house during times of rain.

Other structural issues can be within the home, such as uneven or with operational windows and doors.

A corroded pipe on the roof.

Pesticide Problem

As mentioned above, an improper roof structure or cracks in the roof can lead to mold, and other bacteria gathering on your roof. As runoff is prevented from sliding off, the accumulation of pests and other bacteria can be a possible problem. There have been instances of honey bee hives being found on roofs, and this can cause health-related issues such as asthma and other respiratory syndromes.

Improper Electrical Wiring

A significant problem in most houses is the improper and incorrect electrical wiring system. This bears an expensive repair and replacement cost, but it poses a considerable safety risk to those living inside the house.

Buzzing and dimming lights can be an indication of an underlying electrical issue. A home inspection report takes all this into account to ensure a safe and secure home for your loved ones.

Inefficient Gutter Drainage System

One of the most essential features of the house, a gutter drainage system, enhances the appeal and value of any property. However, gutters serve crucial functions, such as ensuring a proper draining system and preventing water from accumulating on your roof.

In the winter season, an improper drainage system can lead to damaged and waterlogged shingles, which can further exacerbate the structural integrity and negatively affect the house’s value.

Plumbing Problems

Problems in plumbing are widespread and can be a nuisance if not dealt with in time. Issues with the plumbing system can cause running or clogged toilets and pipe corrosions. Over time, it can become costly to repair this.

Now that you’re well aware of the extent to which a home inspection report can help you, you’ve come to the right place.

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