Things to do Before Putting Your Home on the Market to Sell

a house’s exterior

Selling a house means looking for the best offer you can get to make increased profits. However, you must consider numerous strategies to add value to your home and achieve this goal.

Here are three things you must do before you finally put your home up for sale.


When you think about putting your house on sale, you want to receive the best offer on your property. Therefore, it’s crucial to present your home to potential buyers in the best possible condition. An excellent way to achieve this is by decluttering and removing distractions around the house.

Take a minimalistic approach in staging your home and ensure that all rooms are clean and free from unnecessary clutter. It’ll allow guests and visitors to look at the space and concentrate on its value-additive aspects instead of the contents that are strewn across. Some of the items you must declutter are piles of books and mail, toiletries, sideboard, laundry, and toys.

Remember to keep the hallways as clean as possible to provide visitors with an elegant entryway without distracting items like coats and shoes. In other words, decluttering will help you bag an excellent deal within a short amount of time.

a kitchen with wooden flooring


It’s essential to present the property as nicely as possible to sell quickly and at a higher price. However, home improvement is a significant aspect of adding value to a house and increasing its cost. Some home improvement projects you must invest in before selling the house include a house touch-up with paintwork, removal of personal items, fixing detrimental defects, landscaping and removing garden weeds, and pressure washing the exterior.

While it can be tempting to renovate your home according to your tastes, you must keep in mind whether or not your changes will lead to a profitable house sale. The renovations you make must attract more buyers and help you receive a more significant amount of offers.

Schedule an Inspection

The last thing you must do before you finally put your house’s listing on the market is scheduling the house’s pre-inspection. It’s an excellent way to receive a heads-up about any problems that a potential buyer may want you to fix before buying the house. Furthermore, knowing these issues beforehand will allow you to take accurate measures to restore them to make the house as problem-free as possible.

Furthermore, you can provide the inspection reports to the home buyer and disclose all the problems upfront. It’ll help you stay protected against any claims made by the buyer, including lawsuits.

a furnished house

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