The Uses of the Service Entrance Conductors

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Electrical hazards at home are a common problem. With the increasing use of electrical appliances and gadgets, there’s a risk of electrical accidents. These accidents can prove to be fatal. Electrical hazards are also a leading cause of workplace injuries.

To avoid these hazards, it is important to learn about electrical systems.

What Are Electrical Systems?

Electrical systems help generate light and power for appliances, fans, and other household fixtures. Typically, electrical systems use electricity from the main grid to distribute power across all parts of the house. The basic components that go into an electrical system include wires, switches, outlets, and service entrance conductors, etc. The purpose of this blog is to help you learn more about electrical systems at home particularly service entrance conductors so that you can keep yourself and your family safe all year long.

What Is a Service Entrance Conductor?

Service entrance conductors (SECs) help protect your family and business from the risk of electrical shock and fire hazards. They are an important part of a community’s electrical power system and keep the power flowing to homes and businesses. They provide electricity to premises by bringing the energy from the transformer on the pole, through service drop wires and down poles, and then into your home or business establishment.

The service entrance conductor provides power to the outlets and light switches connected to it. It is located within your main electrical panel and also connects to an outdoor power source that brings electricity into your home through a main disconnect switch or circuit breaker panel inside your garage or utility room.

They help protect the service entrance cables from overcurrent and short circuits.

Types and Sizes of Service Entrance Conductors

Service entrance conductors can either be armored or unarmored and they may also come with or without ground fault protection. The armored type is called service entrance style R and has a reinforcement tape made of aluminum or copper, while the unarmored one is called style U.

In a commercial building, the main service entrance conductor provides a source of power to feed a large number of electrical loads. As such, this conductor must be sized appropriately to handle the load demands. Thus the installation, maintenance, and repair of SECs should be handled by qualified personnel only.

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