Here’s How Humidity and Moisture Can Slowly Damage Your Home and What You Can Do About It

Humidity on a window

Humidity is a challenging issue in homes, which can lead to even more complicated issues down the road. Whether your humidity levels are far too high or significantly low, they can make your living conditions less than ideal and even negatively impact your property. This effect in turn will reduce your property’s value and possible resale offers.

Let’s discuss the damage caused by humidity and moisture, and what you can do about it to prevent further harm to your property.

Defining Humidity

Humidity is when there’s a higher than normal concentration of water vapors in the air. There’s a limit beyond which the air can’t store any more humidity. Usually, when the air reaches this point, it starts to rain.

Since hotter environments can take more humidity, you’ll increase humidity when you utilize dryers, boiling pots, hot baths, and more. More ventilation in your home will tend to cause humidity levels to fall.

Studies show that if the humidity level is more than 70%, it can damage one’s home significantly. Ideally, humidity levels should be no more than 60%.

Mildew and Mold


While technically fungi are everywhere, they only settle in humid regions that support their growth. When they find such an ideal surface, they settle on it and grow like wildfire. Mildew is off-colored and appears in places like shower curtains and tiles. On the other hand, mold is green or even black, and penetrates properties more deeply.

Not only is mold and mildew unsightly and smelly, it can also cause health issues such as respiratory problems and allergies.

Damaged Floors, Fixtures, and Furniture

Humidity can harm wooden fixtures, floors, and furniture. It leads to stains and decomposition and can even result in permanent damage.

Next Steps

If you’re considering buying a home or putting yours up for listing, you should highly consider getting a thorough home inspection done by certified home inspectors. The report you’ll receive will guide you about what issues your home currently faces in regards to humidity and more, and who you can contact to fix those problems.

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