6 Home Inspection Tips for House Sellers

Opening up your home to a home inspection

Make the home inspection process easier when selling your house with HTX’s home inspection service in Houston.

Opening up your home to a home inspection

Putting your home on the market can be nerve-wracking, and having a stranger walking through your property checking how each room and fixture looks doesn’t help make it easier.

While you may find yourself uneasy at getting your home inspected, it can help you sell your home faster and for a higher value. An expert home inspector can help your prospective buyer assess your home and its value.

Here are some tips to help make the home inspection process smoother.

Consider Curb Appeal

Making a solid first impression is critical when a prospective buyer arrives at your home. Adding to your home’s curb appeal can help you to impress them.

Ensure a space of 4-6 inches between your home’s siding and landscaping, and trim vegetation about a foot back from the house. Take a look at the siding and trim and repair any damage beforehand.

Clean up the outside of the house and if you have stored any item there, remove it. Ensure all your exterior doors, locks and deadbolts are working correctly. Having an exposed exterior allows a buyer and home inspector to see the home more clearly.

Purchasing a house

Check the Roof And Gutters

With Houston’s irregular rainy season, you need to make sure the house’s roof and gutters work properly to catch any rainfall.

Clear away any debris with a pressure washer and clean the gutters. Ensure the downspouts flow freely without any issues.

Polish Up the Interior

Once you’ve seen the outside, take a quick look at any exterior elements that may need replacing or repairs. Make sure to test for leaks under all the sinks, the water heater, indoor locks and doors, lights, fans, and other fixtures.

Inspect the HVAC system, replace the filter if needed, and look out for cracks on the drywall. This reduces the number of defects the inspector will note.

Make sure all appliances are operating properly

Clean Up

Ensure the inspector has access to all areas of the home, including the HVAC, furnaces, and closets. So be sure to clean these areas.

If any areas like the garage or other fixtures are locked up, provide the keys, door codes, and garage door openers to the inspectors.

Anything that has to be operated specifically should come with instructions on how to do it.

Keep Relevant Documents Handy

You don’t want to be scrambling for paperwork after a home inspector arrives. Ensure you have records of all remodeling projects, repairs, and upgrades available, as these will help the inspector make their report.

It will also provide more transparency on when each component of the house was last repaired or replaced.

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