5 Of the Most Common Issues Home Inspectors Found In Homes In 2020

sloping roof

Get your home inspected before buying or putting it on the market. Find out the most common issues home inspectors come across.

If you’re looking to sell a home, you must have hired a home inspector to inspect certain issues/defects before putting it on the market. A home inspection is crucial before signing a contract to uncover any hidden issues that could potentially cause safety hazards.

Exterior inspections involve roofs, garage, and interior inspections with regards to plumbing and foundation problems.

We’ve compiled below a list of the most common issues home inspectors have found in so that you can look out for them:

1. Structural issues

Structural issues revolve around structural integrity and are generally seen around the attic and roof. They could be related to cracks, poor design, poor draining, uneven walls, and even poor construction.

As a result of structural issues, if a house is unable to withstand forces such as natural disasters, it may even collapse.

2. Roof issues

These are quite common as nearly 20% of inspectors find issues with the roof. They also largely go undetected as most homeowners choose to neglect this issue.

Homes that are over ten to fifteen years old and are situated in areas with heavy rains and winds are much more susceptible to roofing issues than other homes.

sloping roof

3. Plumbing issues

If left unchecked, the repercussions of plumbing issues can span from a small leak to the entire house flooding, exacerbating the need to invest in an all-new plumbing system that could break your bank. Some common plumbing issues include slow drain drains, low water pressure, and leaks.

Plumbing issues can also lead to mold and thus cause the bacteria to accumulate, creating an unsafe environment for homeowners.

plumbers working using a machine and saw

4. Electrical wiring problems

Not only can electrical wiring issues become a nuisance, but if they’re left unchecked for long, they can become hazardous. Be sure to check for unhinged wires and ensure that the electrical system is not outdated.

If you plug-in appliances with faulty connections, you may end up damaging your appliance. Therefore, make sure to install a Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) Designed to shut off electric power in the event of a ground-fault.

Studies show that electrical injuries result in nearly 1000 deaths per year in the US.

5. Termites

These pesty uninvited occupants are a major problem when it comes to inspecting houses. Termites can create serious structural problems by creating mud tubes and blisters in the wooden flooring.

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