What to do When Your HVAC System Malfunctions?

an HVAC unit in the sun.

The durability, quality, and lifetime of your HVAC system control a major chunk of your utility bills and the value of your home. If you’re planning to list your place on the market and search for new buyers, work on your HVAC repairs because homebuyers look at that first.

The heating and cooling systems can add a substantial amount to monthly bills. Prospective buyers are not blind to the possibility of a monthly surcharge on top of the sum they’re paying to buy your house. Their main goal is to minimize costs, and a running, well-maintained HVAC system is their way to that.

Inefficient appliances are a major red flag that home inspectors pick on. Such inefficiencies can cause wear and tear over time and shrink the lifetime of your HVAC system. If the new owners are moving in at the end of Fall or before winters, they want to know that they won’t be cheated by the HVAC system in the middle of a harsh season.

If your HVAC system is malfunctioning, start off by checking these tips off your list.

Check the Air Filters

Dirty air filters can compromise the efficiency of your cooling units. The filters tend to collect dust and other pollutants because their job is to clean the air before dispelling cool air into the atmosphere. Unless the gunk is cleared regularly from the air filters, it keeps building up over the top, preventing them from operating efficiently. As a result, the air quality suffers, turning it into a health and safety hazard.

The appliances in the HVAC system affect energy consumption because they require power to yield the same output. Inefficient appliances suck in more energy, driving the electricity bills up, making it costlier to survive. If the new homebuyers suspect an issue of this sort, they might turn down your offer or bring in external inspectors to evaluate the place. Make sure you clear your HVAC track record before that happens.

A faulty gas furnace that requires repairs.

Perform a Test

It’s essential to turn on the furnace during winters and air conditioners during the summers, but if they’re malfunctioning, they’ll be of no use. However, if the appliances have been off during an entire season, the inactivity can make the furnace malfunction. You need to run the system once in a while to make sure it’s functional.

Check all the temperatures and see if the heating and cooling units are working on all settings. Make sure to use all the features and check if they’re working fine. Malfunctioning systems can make it difficult to survive during the first snow or heatwave of the season, and prospective homeowners will notice that before signing the deed.

Schedule Regular Inspection

No matter whether a house was built five years ago or fifteen years ago, get the HVAC systems inspected before you invest in any property. If you’re a seller, an inspection can help identify possible faults that need repairs. If you’re a buyer, you’ll need the expert eye of an inspector to raise the alarm if needed.

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