The New Homebuyer’s Guide to Decoding an Inspection Report

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Keep learning to learn how to interpret a home inspection report:

A home inspection report contains various significant findings and information which can be helpful for homebuyers looking to move into a house. While some believe it’s unnecessary and decide to get it waived, others realize the importance of a certified home inspection in making future decisions.

Around 86% of buyers who recently had a home inspected revealed they discovered at least one issue with the property, but you can’t figure out all the possible problems in the report unless you know how to read it. Here are some ways you can decode a home inspection report:

Basic Information

One of the first few details in the home inspection report will contain your address, the home inspection company’s name, the team who conducted the home inspection, and all other confidential information according to the terms and conditions of the report.

The home inspector will familiarize you and your agent with your report to help you understand it better. It will include a list of symbols and icons and warning areas indicating the severity of the home inspection findings to assist you in understanding which problem should be a priority.

Detailed Analyses of the Findings

The findings will reveal an inspection of each area covered by your property. This includes the walls, ceilings, roof structure, foundation, and much more you would not have even thought of.

Certified home inspectors will list the problem and why it’s an issue, including their analysis and recommendation to alleviate the problem. They also inspect potential safety hazards, including your drainage system and electrical , to ensure a safe and secure home for you and your family.

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Visual Findings

The inspection report will contain visual aids and graphic images, and videos to attach proof and validity to the findings. This feature will assist you in being able to detect where the issue is taking place.

Home inspection companies also offer thermal imaging and drone roof inspection services to capture shots that would not be readily noticeable by the human eye. The former reveals internal problems such as wiring and insulation, while the latter reveals findings over places that are a potential danger to inspect.

Agent Repair Request Tool

One of the benefits of a home inspection report is that it helps the buyer’s negotiating power when it comes to settling on the house purchase price. Understanding the potential pitfalls of a property allows the buyer to ask for repairs which can be a hefty expense in the future.

An agent repair request tool will allow home inspection companies to coordinate with agents to create documents that ensure the repair or replacement process effectively details the deficiencies.

The last feature of a home inspection report concludes with a summary. The summary highlights significant findings along with the intensity of the problem. Instead of rereading the entire report, you can detect and pinpoint the major issues which need to be addressed.

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