The Basics of Buying and Selling a Home During a Pandemic

house on sale

Don’t let the pandemic stop you from delving into the housing market. Follow these simple tips whether you’re a buyer or a seller.

house on sale

2020 has been a difficult and chaotic year, to say the least. The pandemic changed the way we live our lives and has greatly impacted the economical landscape.

Despite the effects of COVID-19 on the housing sector, we’ve compiled some tips for you to keep in mind when buying or selling a house.

1. Make Full Use Of Social Media

The lockdown ensued restrictions in mobility and had us all confined to our homes. This brought about the advent of the internet and maximum use of its potential. One such way is marketing the homes you’re selling.

Homeowners should make full of use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to showcase their homes and can also use apps like Virtual Stager where they can construct a room similar to the one they’re selling and place virtual furniture that matches the decor of their homes.

Likewise, those who are buying houses should conduct a thorough online search and speak to prospective sellers before deciding on a house.

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2. Pick Your Agent’s Brain

Whether you’re buying or selling a house, the process involves an agent or realtor who acts as the middle man between the buyer and seller.

As a seller, you might not be able to compare the value of your house to similar ones in the vicinity so make sure to consult with your agent to determine what price should be charged for your home.

As a buyer, negotiating a proposal for repair is made easier with the help of an agent who has more experience and is better able to convey queries to the seller.

3. Don’t Skip On Home inspection

You’re interested in a property; you’re in love with the high beam roof, the design, and the immaculate structure of the house, and you’re planning to buy it right away—stop right there. This is where the home inspection process comes in.

There are some issues that a layman can notice and get repaired; however, there are some that  only professionals can detect, such as plumbing issues, foundation problems , and even drainage issues.

Therefore, be sure to hire a certified home inspector who is experienced and is better able to uncover the issues associated with the property.

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