Should You Get a Home Warranty?


Thinking about getting a home warranty? Here’s why you invest in this security contract to adequately protect your home and budget.

Don’t you wish you had a way to reduce your financial burden, especially after bearing the costs of moving into a new home? We’ve got just the thing for you! Research has shown that the growth of the home warranty providers industry is affected by the homeownership rate.

Getting a home warranty may seem overwhelming at first, but the amount you’ll save if any part of your home’s systems or appliances starts giving you trouble is much more than the upfront payment. Here’s why you should consider getting a home warranty.



What’s a Home Warranty?

You may think of it as an insurance policy but it’s not. A home warranty is a service contract that covers the repair or replacement cost of major items, like electrical and kitchen appliances, heating, plumbing, and air conditioning.

Your doors, windows and other structural items aren’t covered in it. But the warranty covers those items that were in working condition when you occupied them but deteriorated afterward.

Are They Worth It?

Depending on the additional items you want to cover, a home warranty’s costs will vary. While the upfront price may seem daunting at first, it’s nothing compared to the hundreds or thousands of dollars that you’ll have to pay for repairing or replacing major systems and appliances.

The warranty is even more useful if your budget’s not as expansive to cover the hefty repairs of these covered items. This can help you predict out-of-pocket costs, what expenses you should be expecting, and ultimately assist in household budget planning.

You can also easily find service providers when a covered item stops functioning. A home warranty can save you time. How? For one thing, when a covered item breaks down, you won’t have to run around to find help from a dependable contractor.

You can also get added protection since a home warranty may cover those essential items that aren’t covered by your standard homeowner’s insurance, so that the warranty can complement the latter.

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Who Should Purchase a Home Warranty?

A home warranty can alleviate your worries against hefty, unforeseen repairs in a previously owned home.

If you discover through your home inspection that many home systems and appliances are close to their expiry, you should get a home warranty in place. This is because as a new buyer, acquiring up and running machines at less cost would serve you better.

Not to mention that you might not always be able to repair every item that fails, so it’ll be much more convenient to have someone reliable on speed dial.

You should also go over the warranty’s terms and conditions, what all is covered by it, how long the coverage will last, and what it won’t cover to know the ins and outs of how your home warranty works.

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