Does Your Home Need an Inspection?

A beautiful grey house on a lush green property

Wondering if your future home needs an inspection? Here’s why you should invest in this service that will pay off.

Are you wondering how you can control the urge to sign on the dotted line while purchasing a home? Research has shown that 86 percent of buyers who had a home inspection done stated that their inspectors spotted at least one issue that needed to be addressed.

Buying a home is a huge step, and it can be both time-consuming and taxing. But getting a home inspection done before you sign the paperwork can save you a lot of trouble. Here’s why you should consider getting a home inspection done.

A beautiful grey house on a lush green property


Getting a home inspection done will make your potential home safe for you and your family. Rather than worrying about a failed electrical system or a leaking roof right after you move in, a home inspection can alleviate your worries about items that stop working soon after you settle in.

Hidden and Unforeseen Issues

When you’re browsing for a home, you might be inclined towards a property that has a large and open floor plan, a polished kitchen layout, or a beautiful exterior. Still, the real problems are often covered behind visually appealing aesthetics.

A home inspector can uncover actual and hefty issues that may not be visible when a real estate agent shows you around a property. Edging your way into the crawl space or climbing into the attic is something a home inspector is trained to do.

More Economical

You may be concerned about how much a home inspection will cost you but compare that with the thousands of dollars you’d have to shell out in repair costs. A quality home inspection can help you avoid hefty expenses, especially if your budget doesn’t allow you to bear these unforeseen and expensive costs.

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More Flexibility

If you come to an agreement with your seller, you’ll be legally obligated to confirm the sale. But with a home inspection, you are not bound to the deal. Once the home inspection report is finished, you can negotiate again with the seller if you want to have specific items fixed or you’re trying to reduce the home’s overall cost.

You can even pull out of the deal if your agreement wasn’t reached in the report. In this way, you’re learning a lot about one of your most significant purchases and obtaining practical information about the property’s features and where they’re located and if they’re in good condition.

Structural Integrity

A home inspection is designed to examine your future home’s physical elements and foundation, so if there’s a problem with the structure, the home inspection report will pick it up. This is a huge red flag because the last thing you want to do is purchase a house that’s not constructed correctly.

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